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Streamdeck Pro

A simple app for the Elgato StreamDeck designed to allow media professionals to use other software/protocols with the StreamDeck.

Beta Release

I’m still very much actively developing this app, and after a couple of months I’ve got something that is reasonably stable and tested by a few people. That does not mean it won’t crash! It’s very much a beta.

Download Here

How to use it

  1. Download the .zip file above and copy the app into your Applications folder
  2. Simply quit the official Streamdeck application, probably in your menu bar.
  3. Run StreamDeckPro from your Applications folder.

The usage should be pretty obvious if you are familiar with OSC. Click on a button to edit, configure what it does when you press it. There is no save, all changes are saved as you make them. Pressing a button will send the OSC.

The defaults are intentionally set to localhost ( with port 53000 as this is used by QLab.

My roadmap

While this app is currently functional, my plan is to put some work into some core features that will allow for a much more powerful controller.

Contact Me

If you have any bugs, suggestions or requests, feel free to email me: or tweet me: DrewLX.